The Med-Stone DT has a textured bottom to allow for deeper heat penetration into the muscles. The textured bottom stimulates the blood flow while relaxing and soothing the muscles.

The Med-Stone “Sedona”  - Comes with 2 Stones, 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries and 2 Chargers

  • Stays hot for up to 2 hours per charge
  • Stone is handcrafted and made from earthen stoneware and has a non-porous glaze
  • Stone takes less than two minutes to heat, lasts for up to two hours per charge and takes two minutes to clean.
  • Stone only generates heat on the bottom half, allowing the top half to remain cool and comfortable for the therapist’s hands.
  • Stone can be used directly on the skin with any cream, oil or lotion and can be used over clothing.
  • Stone is extremely portable; bring a “warm stone infusion’” anywhere.  Great for the therapist “on the go”.
  • The "Sedona Stone" has all the great functions and benefits of our original Med-Stone, infused with the mystical magic of the southwest!
  • Item #: 112

The Med-Stone "Sedona Set" - OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 7/28/2017

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